By now we hoped that you’ve learned that were not a diamond wholesaler or a diamond broker. We are the diamond buying branch of a brick mortar retailer that sells diamonds out of our front door almost every day.

To add to that, we’re not just any retailer – we’re a buffed up “mom & pop shop” that happens to be in the top five largest independent jewelry stores in America with a staff of 40 in just one building. We are also located in Augusta, Georgia and we were founded in 1975. We’ve been recognized as a national leader in jewelry on multiple fronts and we know that trust is the most important aspect of our business and we continue that through every aspect of our company.

Now back to your jewelry. We certainly respect your property and we take the upmost precautions in handling your jewelry.

When it arrives at our store it is handled very carefully. When our GIA certified Gemologists are not inspecting your diamond or diamond ring, your item will be stored in our onsite, walk-in vault. In the case that you don’t want your friends or co-workers to know that you needed to sell the diamond out of your ring, we will gladly reseat a CZ into your ring and ship it back to you at no charge. We do all of this in-house with a team of 4 full-time gold/platinum smiths.

If you feel for any reason that you would like to sell your diamond or diamond ring to Speedy Diamond, but you would prefer using a third party company to properly confirm the diamond information you’ve submitted, we have a third party lab that you can work with. This process is understandable, but does require additional cost. This added step in the process will subtract $150 (our cost to have it confirmed by a 3rd party) from our buy price.

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