Process FAQs

What is your actual process?
  1. You like what we offer.
  2. We send you a fed-ex label, insure your package and receive your diamond or ring.

  3. We verify that your diamond description was accurate according to the GIA standard of diamond grading.
  4. We finalize the quote and we present our final offer to you.
  5. If you accept, we wire you money in less than 5 hours or we ship the jewelry back if you decide that you would rather pass on our offer.
Why is your quote different than what you thought it would be?
Diamonds can change their value in time and we cannot control the original purchase price. We can easily show you a diamond somewhat close to the current retail value of your diamond, which gives us the basis for our quote.
Why do we pay based off the GIA diamond standard?
Whenever buying a a diamond a standard for purchasing is required. We choose to buy diamonds based off the GIA standard because it is the highest and most consistent standard in the US. Our certified GIA Gemologists on staff can will grade your diamond to ensure that we give you the proper value.
Can you use discretion in buying my diamond or diamond ring?
Of course. If you are concerned with co-workers or friends noticing your diamond missing we will reseat a CZ in your ring and ship it back to you for no charge. We have a staff of 4 full-time gold/platinum smiths that can easily do this in-house. Learn more.
Do you buy enhanced diamonds?
Manipulated diamonds such as fracture filled, laser drilled, color enhanced or any other type of treated diamonds have little value in compared with a natural diamond, but currently we do not purchase enhanced stones.
What if you receive my diamond and you determine that the diamond wasn't quite the quality that you quoted me online?
We will contact you and inform you of our results, if the amount that we offer has to changed based on the actual results, we will discuss with you whether you would like to proceed or we can ship your diamond back to you at no charge.

Shipping FAQs

Are you fully insured?
  1. Yes, we are fully insured. Your item will be insured for the amount we quote, if it is a range the amount will be the range average. Also your diamond or diamond ring will be insured in route to us and if you choose to not sell to us, it will be insured in route back to you as well.
How do you ship?
We Fed Ex and for very high valued items we use Brinks. Depending on the value of your item, you'll be given very specific instructions on how to ship your item to us.
Is there any chance that we lose your jewelry?
We have over 10,000 diamonds organized in our vault and we have a track record of about 40 years of keeping up with jewelry. Our protocol is ironclad and tracked.

Payment FAQs

How fast do we pay?
Once your item is overnighted to our facility, we'll confirm your diamond details. If your diamond is as you described you will be contacted and we can wire payment within 5 hours. If the diamond details are not accurate we will contact you with a revised quote and wire the payment if you accept.
When should you give us the account info to bank wire the money?
Once your diamond details are confirmed with us we will ask you for information. Routing # or ABA# (this is the first set of #s on your checks, Account #, name, address and sometimes phone # of the bank receiving funds and name on account it is transfering to.
Can we do an alternative methods of payment besides a bank wire transfer?
We sure can. We can do a check or paypal if needed. If you have another request, feel free to ask us and we'll try to meet your request.
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