How We Are Different

The fact that we’re not a diamond wholesaler, we’re a retailer is where we would like to begin. There’s no sense in selling your diamond to wholesaler for them to try to sell it to us. Just sell it to us. We plan to buy it either way.What else will we buy?

(1) When we purchase a diamond, we will pay you 100% gold value for the weight of your ring. If you have wedding band, we’ll extend the offer for that as well.

(2) When we purchase a diamond, we buy any side stones in a ring and we will even pay you for the tiny little diamonds in your setting, you deserve the maximum value for your jewelry.

(3) Does your diamond have a certificate? We’ll add even more value depending on the type of certificate you have with your diamond.

Need discretion?

We understand, if for some reason you willing to sell only your center diamond and you didn’t want your friends to notice we can replace your center diamond with a CZ and ship it back to you for no charge. We figured needing to sell your diamond is only your personal business, the rest of the world doesn’t need to know.

How’s It Work?

If you accept our initial offer for your diamond or diamond ring, we’ll ask you to send it to us. The jewelry is overnighted to us for the sake of speed, insured during transit and our GIA certified Gemologists will assess the diamond or diamond ring and then narrow down the quote. We will contact you immediately with our final offer. If you choose to accept that offer, we can wire the funds to you within 5 hours of that confirmation, or we can offer alternative methods of payment if requested. If you feel that our offer isn’t sufficient, we’ll insure the jewelry and send it right back.



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American Gem Society GIA
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