1. Can you give us a description of the item?

Any information you can give us would be helpful, we will contact you in less than 24hrs with a price. Prefered information would include: anything stamped in the ring, carat size, diamond color, diamond clarity, diamond cut and ring details if applicable.

Did you have a figure in mind that you’d like to receive?  We’re pretty up front if we can’t meet that number.

2. upload a front shot.

If you could upload a photo with the widest part of the center diamond at the edge of a ruler. You may need to prop up the ring to take a photo or lay the ring on its side.



3. upload a side shot.

If you could upload a photo, preferably next to a quarter for reference. If it’s just a loose diamond please use a pair of tweezers. Specific details generally can’t be determined from the photo, but it certainly helps us.

[Ring Sample]

4. Let us contact you.

We'll be in touch soon.

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