It was a hand-me-down

Selling a diamond ring that was left to you

It was a hand me down. What a nice gesture to leave that to you. Not everyone likes having an diamond laying around, it can easily get lost or stolen – but cold hard cash doesn’t. That diamond probably has that ability to relieve some stress by paying off debt, taking an incredible vacation sending a child to college or just creating some new wonderful memories. We can help.

We would love to buy your diamond. Being that we are actually a jewelry retailer, not a wholesaler planning to sell your diamond to a retailer – you’ll find that our pricing will generally be higher. Other diamond buyers may give you a range and low ball you once your diamond arrives at their facility, but that isn’t what we do. As long as your diamond or diamond ring isn’t chipped, cracked or unnaturally enhanced, we’ll grade your diamond once it arrives at our facility – if it lines up with what you told us, we’ll pay you what we quoted.

If you have any paperwork on that diamond or diamond ring, you can get a great idea of our offer by using our automatic quoting system. This system bases its pricing off of the GIA grading standard. So if your paperwork isn’t from the Gemological Institute of America, the quote will probably be close but not exact.

If you have no idea about any information regarding the ring, head on over to the manual quote and just fill out as much info as you can. We’ll try to help the best we can after that, most of the time, we will need the ring or diamond to be sent to us to confirm or establish the details. Either way, we want you to feel comfortable that your working with one of the top 5 largest independent jewelry stores in America based out of Augusta, Georgia.


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