You Need the Money

We could all benefit from some extra cash.

No matter the reason: economy, unemployment, bills, etc… We know when borrowing money isn’t an option there’s not a lot of places to turn. Selling the diamond from your ring is great option for a couple reasons.

One, it’s pretty easy to sell. Ever tried selling a tv or car? Selling a diamond is much easier, your buying audience is way beyond your local market. We are a jewelry retailer and we’ve bought quite a lot from our local market, but we’ve found that we pay more than most other local markets. We’ll buy your diamond, you don’t have go through the effort of selling it yourself and being responsible for loose stones, returns or any of the other headaches.

The next reason is the obvious value. There really isn’t an item any smaller that can hold more immediate value. That works in your favor. What’s the big deal if it’s small? Friends are less likely notice a diamond gone. You could easily say my diamond fell out OMG!!! But that’s silly, we’ll make it even easier. During communication process just mention that you’d like your diamond replaced with a CZ and we’ll do it for free and expedite your ring back to you.

Lastly is speed and we aren’t called Slow Diamond. We know that it’s important to get funds quickly and we take speed very seriously. All packages are overnighted and we wire funds within 4 hours of confirmation of the diamond details. It’s tough to sell items any faster.

Selling a diamond should be easy, we are the only company we know of that can give you a quote immediately. Unlike many other online diamond buyers, Speedy Diamond won’t give you a price range then low ball you once your diamond arrives at our facility. No call backs or long waits. We use the GIA standard to price out what we’d pay for a diamond and or diamond ring, and as long as you know what you have – we’ll pay the price as quote or we’ll send it back to you.

If you don’t know what kind of diamond you have, our manual quote system will start us out on the right foot to get you a quote, this will involve sending your diamond to us. Ready to get started? Select an option below.


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