Selling an Engagement Ring

READY TO LET the ring GO? We’re ready to make an offer.

With Speedy Diamond, selling that diamond ring will be the first step in the next chapter of your life. Use the money for a lawyer fee, to pay off some bills, go back to school or take a cruise. Make a new memory. The worst thing it can do is just sit there in your drawer – rings can easily be lost or stolen. And we assure you that your next love (if you choose to try again) won’t really have an interest in seeing that ring.

When Speedy Diamond purchases a diamond we use the GIA standard to grade the diamond on it’s quality characteristics. It’s essential to have a buying standard and GIA is among the most consistent in the world, regarding diamond grading. Our in-house GIA certified gemologist will confirm the any details that you can share with us regarding your diamond and or diamond ring.

You’ll find that we generally offer a higher amount because we aren’t a diamond wholesaler. We are actually a large jewelry retailer that will directly sell your diamond back to the public. This gives us the opportunity to give even more value. We need diamonds, we sell diamonds everyday and we have nearly 10,000 diamonds in our vault in Augusta, Georgia.

Not only will we buy the diamond, we’ll give “100% metal value” for the mounting and extra value for the other diamonds as well. Metal value means, that if value of gold or platinum is “X” per gram, we’ll pay you the amount that your ring weighs including the weight of the diamond(s). Click on a link below to get a quote.


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